What’s happening?

Ok, things haven’t been too great for me of late…

Back when I originally started this project, I’d been given some good news regarding my right eye, which meant I didn’t require more injections in it for a while. This gave me a bit of an impetus to get something important to me done while I had a relatively clean bill of health and I could dedicate some more time to working. I decided on an ambitious schedule (with an equally ambitious funding goal) with a diabetes management app that would serve all purposes. I felt confident that I could deliver on my expectations of what a proper app would be.

Then my vision went. Badly.

My macula in my right eye swelled up fast, and my sight deteriorated within the space of about 4 days. I could barely read a computer screen, let alone debug code. I went to the emergency eye department, but it took a while to get anything done. Nearly two months passed without any improvement before I finally got the Lucentis injection I needed to reduce the swelling. It worked, and my vision has restored to the point where I can actually be productive again, if I pay close attention to what I’m typing.

There are drugs available that can stop my eyesight deteriorating, hopefully ending my need for the injections. A combination therapy of two types of anti-cholesterol drugs that’s been shown to help protect the macula. I’m on one of these drugs, atorvastatin, but not the other yet. The reason for this is that my liver can’t deal with the added load. I’ve developed a fatty liver and no amount of healthy eating, exercise or lack of alcohol seems to be bringing it under control. This is leading to a decrease in liver functionality that’s making me pretty tired a lot of the time, and adding in the scond drug would make this problem worse, so the doctors ar holding off on it.

All in all, it’s pretty stressful, and pretty scary. It’s certainly hit my mood and keeping my spirits up (and by extension, my sugars under control) has been tough. I am, however, getting there.

As I’m getting more able to do things again, I’m trying to get the app back on track, but I’m scaling back it’s ambitions, at least initially. My plan now is to get a functional DAFNE diary working and launched, before heading back to adding the proactive functionality, analysis tools, and life quantifying questions afterwards. This streamlining will bring the app launch forward, and conversely, set the funding campaign back. I’ll work towards a usable, basic DAFNE diary to completion first, then fund from there for the additional features.

I’m also going to try and update this blog at least once a week. It’s pretty therapeutic, even if nobody reads it!