A quick update on the progress of the app:

It’s actually coming along quite nicely in many respects, I’ve got it up and running on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, which is great, and it runs pretty smoothly across all 3 and collects all the information. I’ve yet to implement any way of viewing the information you’ve entered, or altering it once you’ve put it in, but I’m working on that!

As far as changes go, where originally I’d planned to have between 1 and 3 buttons to drag horizontally, now there will be one button to drag vertically. This change is simply to make A) each question more consistent with the last and B) increase the ‘drag’ distance to maximise the fidelity of choice.

I’ve also settled on a monetisation method for the app, which will make it completely free for all users. I’ve worked with a company before called Kiip¬†who offer real world rewards for virtual achievements, and I’ve decided to implement their SDK to reward people for things like 5 good sugar readings in a row, or averaging below 8mmol over a given time span. I’m confident enough in what they do as a company to give users the free and no strings attached option of turning these rewards off, and I’ll be working with them to make sure the rewards supplied are appropriate. Hopefully it will help fund further development to realise all my visions for it!