The Indiegogo Campaign

Here’s a quick update on when things are happening:

Our Indiegogo campaign will start soon, a preview of it is available here. I’m hoping it can raise a bit of cash. Realistically, we need it to raise about £15000 to cover the development costs to get it out before the end of the year. If we don’t manage that, we’ll still develop the app to completion, but we might have to increase costs and trim a few features (API inclusions will be early casualties, each one takes time and money, so we’ll focus on just a select few), and feature parity across platforms may be affected too. We will still release across platforms though, we feel that iOS isn’t the be all and end all that other apps seem to.

If we do hit our funding goals, we’ll make sure that every feature is included and polished, and that each platform has as close to parity feature-wise as possible. If we exceed our goals by more than a few percentage points, we’ll be able to make the app completely free to download. We may operate a custom and secure cross platform cloud storage feature if there is demand for it, but more than likely we’ll rely on the proprietary storage for each individual platform.

A note on the iPad/Tablet version of the app – so far, we’ve only shown features from a smaller screen experience. but be assured that we will release a version for screens with more real estate. Depending on funding, we will release this very close to the release of the small screen version.