About the App

Active Diabetes is an upcoming app for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 8. It aims to revolutionize diabetes management apps in a number of ways.

Firstly, the speed of inputting new measurements has been massively improved over other apps. By thinking about how the app can function on a touchscreen device, rather than emulating the old fashioned way of writing your results in a box, we’ve been able to increase the speed of entering data by a factor of 5. And that’s a conservative estimate. This increase in speed means that diabetes management takes up less time in your day and frees you to do more of the things you enjoy.


Secondly, but just as importantly, Active Diabetes doesn’t just sit and wait for you to input results. It will prompt you for answers to numerous questions at random times through thee day. It will build up a picture of your diabetes control based on a number of metrics including location, who you spend time with, what you’re doing, where you are and what you’ve been eating. Over time it will be able to give advice such as ‘You are at risk of high sugars on a Thursday afternoon, but not if you’re visiting your parents’. On Android, this system will be fully integrated with Android Wear too.


Thirdly, your data can be imported, exported, graphed and analysed in your own time and you can compare any metrics that the app has access to manually, on top of the apps automatic analysis. This includes using data from your Fitbit or Runkeeper accounts, and also lets you export into csv format for easy access in a wide variety of other applications


Lastly, it looks nice!

We are currently running a funding campaign on Indiegogo to raise the money to make the app everything it can be!

It is expected to be ready for release late 2014 or early 2015

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