Q. When will the app be available?

A. Hopefully towards the end of the year, or early next. Basically, when it’s ready.

Q. Why does it take so long?

A. The scale of the work is pretty large – not only in terms of integrating all the different fitness bands etc, but also in terms of platforms. If we focused on just one, like iOS for example, we could have it done quicker, but we’re going for the 3 main touchscreen OSs, so yeah… lots of work. Hopefully there’s contingency built in to that timescale but it can always drift further.

Q. Can I get the app early?

A. Not at the moment, but that might change.

Q. How much will the app cost?

A. Nothing. It will be free across all platforms. It will be financed by a (completely free to turn off, no strings attached) reward network and a donate type in app purchase option.